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Ideal Rubber Industries Corp. has been formed as a tire recycling facility, located in Brantford, Ontario (will be referred to as IRI).  IRI is a 20,000 square feet facility sitting on 4.4 acres of zoned industrial land. Our plant has the processing capacity of 2 million tires per year and is a certified waste tire recycling facility.

We are approved and in partnership with the Ministry of the Environment (MOE) and functions in conformity with its rules and regulations for tire recycling. We are also a participating member of the Ontario Tire Stewardship.

One of our missions is to keep Ontario sanitary and attractive for its citizens by recycling waste tires, converting them into useful products for applications such as playground surfaces, rubber mat, running tracks, and field turf, as well as to a variety of engineering applications.

  • IRI provides the rubber necessary for all of these CANADIAN industries, creating a self-sufficient environment that will allow the domestic markets to flourish and ultimately, re-inject back into the original marketplaces.

The plant will use green technology that breaks scrap tires down via our 12 Step method into specific rubber crumb sizes, for various uses as mentioned above.

Certificate of Approval Number: 5506-7UMJD7

The plant uses green technology, in which we will take whole tires and shred them down to desired tire chips and/or rubber crumb sizes, for reuse by manufacturers all across North America.  This will be done via our 12 Step Shredding method.




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